Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need a prescription?
A: A prescription is not required to fulfill your order with www.amigozlife.com, but it is strongly suggested that you consult with your healthcare provider prior to using any medication.
Q: What is the legal procedure involved with purchasing medication online without a prescription?
A:www.amigozlife.com ships medication from countries where it is not legally obligatory to have a prescription.
Q: Does Www.amigozlife.com accept all types of payment methods?
A: At present www.amigozlife.com accepts ONLY AT COMPANY CURRENT ACCOUNT.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Usually we initiate shipment within 2 to 3 business days. The shipment is sent by registered air mail (12 to 16 days delivery) or Express Mail Service (EMS) (5 to 8 days delivery). If any postponements may occur, we will immediately inform our customer by e-mail or phone.
Q: Where will my medication be shipped from?
A: Currently www.amigozlife.com has shipping services from registered office only.
Q: What will my parcel look like?
A: It will appear like private mail and will not divulge its contents.
Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: www.amigozlife.com does ship to a majority of countries around the world.
Q: What happens with my personal details?
A: Any information sent to us via a secured shopping cart is 100% secure. We have a policy of not divulging any personal information with anyone.
Q: What is the difference between brand name and generic medication?
A: There is not much dissimilarity except for the drug's name and the price. Manufacturers designate brand name pills for marketing and advertising reasons. Generic drugs are obtainable under their chemical names. Supported by standard practice, state laws, and statutes, generic drugs must have the same ingredients and be equivalent to the brand name of the same drug. Therefore, with a generic drug, you have the same active ingredients, dosage, potency, and medicinal form as a branded drug, with the same level of efficacy as well.
Q: Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?
A: Orders can be terminated after their placement, but have to be completed within 24 hours of placing the order. Get in touch with our offices customer service no. 919909905616 if you need an order cancellation or order change. After 24 hours an order cannot be cancelled or changed. Another aspect to verify during the initial 24 hours is your shipping address. Ensure that everything has been recorded correctly. Contact us within 24 hours if you want to make any modifications to the address, so there are no delays in receiving your orders.
• Q: Do you have a return/refund policy and if so, what are they?
A: If you are unhappy with your order, contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need to return your shipment. If you return the order customer have to pay shipping cost and transction charges. The return period can take anywhere from 20 to 26 days.
Q: Your prices are abnormally low in comparison to other competitors, how can I trust you?
A: Here you are provided the most affordable prices for high quality generic and brand drugs. Our business partners are offered with a high sales volume which results in decreased service costs for us, therefore we can sell our customers our products at very low retail prices. We do not have to pay much for advertising as the quality of our products speaks for themselves.
If you are still hesitant to order, call our service operator who can answer any questions you have. our company 




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